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Another win for TCC's Women

Last night (Monday 2nd May) Thornbury Ladies' Lightening Team won their second league game of the season, against a brilliant Frenchay side. A last minute change of venue to Tockington Manor School saw the ladies bowling on an unfamiliar crease, using the temperamental flexipitch (more on that later!).

Having won the toss, TCC elected to bat first. Captain TK and Gaenor stepped up first, clocking up the runs on a slow and sloping crease. A few wides and some steady singles saw the ladies finish their innings on 27/0. Next up came the batting pair of Eva and Gail - a wide from Frenchay saw the runs begin before Eva whacked her first 4. Frenchay's spin bowler E Jones gave both Gail & Eva a run for their money, but both stayed steady and were rewarded by Eva scoring another three 4's from their innings. By the end of their stint TCC were halfway on 50/0.

Next in were Camilla & Hayley. The pace slowed as they both got used to the unpredictable wicket which could either kill a ball dead or bounce it any direction! Wide balls from Frenchay saw the duo start their scoring and they continued through the overs to clock up runs through singles and no balls. They finished their innings on 70/0. It was now down to Emma & Sarah to keep the clean sheet whilst adding more

The final pair started strong - taking easy singles and putting pressure on the bowlers to enforce errors. Newcomer Emma soon found her groove and found her first 4, which was closely followed by another. Maintaining their composure throughout, they finished their innings on 111/0 - the first full innings where TCC didn't lose a single wicket!

Then it was time to defend the runs! Captain TK opened the bowling, restricting the opposition to just 5 runs. Gaenor followed suit with a steady first over and again, just 5 runs scored. Frenchay were held to just 12 runs from Hayley & Emma's next overs, with Eva and Sarah also helping to keep the score low. After 6 overs Frenchay had 36 runs. Next up were Camilla & Gail - with Gail allowing just 3 runs to be achieved in her over.

And then the wickets came! First off was a stunning catch by Hayley off a perfectly plum delivery from Emma. Then Sarah returned to the crease and took two clean wickets in close order, testing the previously composed Frenchay side.

The final overs were sewn up with some measured and almost clinical bowling from Emma and skipper TK, with Frenchay finishing up on 91/3. The net total was a win by TCC Women of 35 runs!

Camilla Rigby

TCC player

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