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Bar Chairs Blog - April

As part of the re-opening of the coffee shop and the ongoing management of the bar and BBQ facilities I have re-taken my food hygiene certificate, Erin is upgrading hers from level 2 to level 3.

I have conducted a review of our current facilities to ensure compliance with HACCP, as part of the Hazard analysis your club needs to utilise the following trades in order to upgrade the facilities to the minimum standards.



Floor layer

Someone who can whiteroc the walls.

There will be others to follow, however these are the most important for now.

The kitchen facilities are way below the standard expected in an establishment which will be catering to the general public from a food hygiene perspective at present. I would like to think with the support of our players, members, facility users and their families that we can bring the facility up to scratch before the league season begins.

Please contact me Alex Gwinnell if you can help or you wish to dob in your mate who is staying quiet.

Looking at what has been achieved over the winter however we have done well, new showers and toilets in the changing areas, new disability accessible toilet, new disability access front doors (albeit we still need a removable ramp), the cellar and bar serving equipment has been replaced, the soft drinks dispensers have been serviced, the storage areas out the back have been re-organised and thoroughly cleaned, the turf out front has been replaced and the new clubhouse flooring is due to be laid this weekend.

Notwithstanding all of this, we are not yet the finished article, over recent years with the additional cricket stuff that we do, we also need non-cricket stuff to go on alongside it. With this in mind it falls upon me to hod out another begging bowl for parents, players and club users to donate a little bit of time. We need people who can assist with volunteer coaching, bar and barbeque volunteers, and those who from time to time can help with erecting tents moving benches and all the other stuff which to borrow from Mr Churchill “has been done for so many by so few”.

The summer bar will open fully after junior training starts later on this month, with the bar open

Monday 7-11pm

Tuesday 7-11pm

Wednesday 7-11pm

Thursday 11am-3pm 7-11pm

Friday 11am 11pm

Saturday 11am 11pm

Sunday 11am 10pm

This is our aim but this will be dependent on having sufficient volunteers to cover the shifts. Also where junior matches start before 7pm it will be incumbent upon each team to have 2 or more adults who have been sufficiently trained on the tills and bar equipment to be able to provide a level of service.

Please let me or your team manager if you are able to help with this.

That’s all for me for now, I would have put in a load of pictures, but I think its better if you come and see for yourselves the brilliant work which has been achieved since close of season last year.

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