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Table Cricket at Thornbury Cricket Club!

TCC have launched Table Cricket in conjunction with the Gloucestershire Cricket Foundation (GCF) and charity Jigsaw in Thornbury.

Table Cricket is an initiative launched by the ECB to cater for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Thornbury CC teamed up with the GCF and Jigsaw in Thornbury to provide a centre for those children who would like to participate in a fun & exciting game.

The game itself is played on a Table tennis table and requires additional equipment to convert into table cricket. It is formulated around the laws of cricket requiring a batter, bowler and several fielders. The scoring can be adapted into individuals & teams and provides a game that everyone can play.

We now have 6 children participating and each week the numbers grow as this engaging game provides a vital outlet for both children & parents. TCC are looking to evolve it into a centre where children can participate or spend time doing other activities within the club.

As spring approaches we will look to move outdoors and provide a more traditional form of cricket based on the taster sessions of last year as we seek to develop our offering to this group.

Jigsaw Thornbury are a local based charity that specialise in supporting families with children with additional needs, TCC are proud to be working with such a respected organisation. It supports Thornbury Cricket club's ethos of cricket for everyone and we are the first club in Gloucestershire to run this programme. More information on Jigsaw Thornbury can be viewed HERE.

Many thanks to Jeanette Tate of the GCF in helping in the launch!

TCC is always looking for Volunteers, especially those who feel passionate about helping those with additional needs. Sessions are held at the clubhouse on Monday's from 4.30-5.30pm. Please get in contact with Harry Hawkins on 07512 555513 if you would like to know more.

Harry Hawkins, Thornbury CC

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