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Thornbury Ladies secure Midweek Indoor Title in last ball thriller!

Having secured the Sunday Indoor Title a few weeks ago our Ladies became double winners in their first season.

With 2 comfortable victories last week versus Frenchay & Tetbury respectively, the ladies knew fate was in their own hands as they matched up against Golden Hill and title challengers Bradley Stoke. Winning the toss in the first game, skipper TK chose to field first in a proven winning formula.

Jo took the new ball and with the 3rd ball an excellent piece of fielding by Josie left Jo with the simple job of completing the run out. The magic moment of the match came in the 2nd as Golden Hill's Ellie mistimed her drive off Hazel and Helen instinctively ran in off the wall to execute an outstanding one handed catch to the roar of the crowd!

Helen herself & Hayley both bowled well to leave Golden Hill 16-2 off the 1st pair.

Experienced batters Anna & Maddy tried to bring some impetus to their team but were no match for our ladies as TK cleaned up Anna with one that left her to take her off stump. This was followed up with Hayley scampering to gather the ball and with one stump to aim at, threw down the stumps with Golden Hill reeling 31-4 after 2 pairs.

County batter & captain Emma came to crease with Natalie. Both batted aggressively scoring 17 off the 10th & 11th overs. Josie bowled the 11th and bowled Emma with an unplayable yorker. With TK bowing her usual miserly deliveries Golden Hill finished up on 58-5.

Needing just 34 to win, Thornbury needed a clinical approach. Josie & Hayley opened up and Josie with undoubted power and ability smashed a straight 4 off the 3rd ball. Hayley played the supporting role perfectly as the pair put on 24-0 for the first 4 overs.

Jo & Helen took the middle overs and with singles & wides the order of the day the target was soon in reach. Jo went for one glorious drive and Emma took an outstanding catch for Golden Hills first wicket, with the score now on 41-1 from 2 pairs.

Hazel & TK came in for the last 4 overs with victory already secured, a flurry of wides with occasional singles left Thorns victorious by 26 runs.

Batting Stats (Runs-balls-Outs):

Josie: 9-12-0

Hayley: 3-9-0

(partnership 24)

Jo: 2-10-1

Helen: 5-10-0

(partnership 17)

Hazel: 0-10-0 (*Hazel faced 9 wides)

TK: 5-10-0

(partnership 23)

Bowling Stats (Overs-Runs-Wkts):

Jo: 2-2-2

Hazel: 2-15-1

Helen: 2-13-0

Hayley: 2-13-0

Josie: 2-9-1

TK: 2-5-1

Now came the big match. A winner takes all game versus Bradley Stoke! Bradley Stoke won the toss and put Thorns into bat. Josie & Hayley opened again but runs were hard to come by as Bradley Stoke stood up to the challenge. Both batted well to set a platform of 17 runs from the 1st pair.

You sensed it was going to be a low scoring titanic battle of small margins! Jo & Helen once again took the middle overs...with a cautious approach picked up odd singles on offer but some tight accurate bowling made it difficult and Helen lost her wicket to a absolute gem from Emma.

After 2 pairs Thorns were on 32-1 with Hazel & TK taking the final overs. Surprisingly TK looking for her trademark whip to the leg side caught a leading edge and was caught by the keeper running round, 4 balls later to a similar ball, she connected well but hit the high netting which left Emma with the simple task of taking the catch. With the 2 late wickets Thorns were left on 41-3.

This meant Bradley Stoke only required 27 to win.

This was now unfamiliar territory as we had our backs against the walls! The next 12 overs determines the outcome of months of hard work!

Over 1: Jo bowling - 2 runs 0 wickets (25 to win)

Over 2: Hazel bowling - 6 runs 0 wickets (19 to win)

Over 3: Helen bowling - 3 runs WICKET !! Superb delivery taking top of off stump (21 to win)

Over 4: Hayley bowling - 2 runs WICKET!! Mix up with batters, TK alert to execute an excellent run out (24 to win)

Over 5: Josie bowling - 6 runs WICKET!! Outstanding fast, straight delivery cleans up Emma (23 to win)

Over 6: TK bowling - 2 runs 0 wickets (21 to win)

Over 7: Jo bowling - 2 runs 0 wickets (19 to win)

Over 8: Hazel bowling - 3 runs WICKET!! Leanne smashes a drive still rising heading for a 6, Jo gets a strong hand and clutches the ball at 2nd attempt. Outstanding fielding! (21 to win)

Over 9: Helen bowling - 6 runs 0 wickets (15 to win)

Over 10: Hayley bowling - 4 runs WICKET!! TK leads by example to throw down the stumps with Asees out of her crease (16 to win)

Over 11: Josie bowling - 3 runs 0 wicket (13 to win)

Over 12: TK Bowling

Ball 1 - 1 run (13 to win)

Ball 2 - 3 runs (10 to win)

Ball 3 - 3 runs (7 to win)

Ball 4 - Wide (5 to win)

Ball 5 - Dot (5 to win )

Ball 6 - 3 runs....

THORNS win by 1 run, crowd erupts!!!


Batting Stats (Runs-Balls-Outs):

Josie: 4-10-0

Hayley: 3-10-0

(partnership 17

Jo: 6-13-0

Helen: 3-7-1

(partnership 15)

Hazel: 1-8-0

TK: 5-13-2

(partnership 9)

Bowling Stats (Overs-Runs-Wkts):

Jo: 2-4-0

Hazel: 2-9-1

Helen: 2-8-1

Hayley: 2-6-2

Josie: 2-9-1

TK: 2-13-0

Well done to the entire squad. An absolutely outstanding effort to win both indoor leagues and as always played in the right spirit! The team now embark on retaining the summer softball title and new challenges in the T20 hardball league.

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