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Two women's match reports

16th May - Thornbury Lightning V Hawkesbury Upton (League 2)

Lightening strikes again for our TCC ladies with outstanding performance.

Arriving at TMS prior to the Match, we knew we that had a challenge ahead of us given the unfavourable weather conditions, lack of spikes and facing up against a high spirited opposition with plenty of talent. Skipper Emily Bogg lost the toss against Hawksbury Upton’s captain Jenna Chapel who choose to Bat.

TCC’s Olivia Nichols opened the bowling against C Warrener & J. Gardener, allowing a total of 2 runs for her over. A decent start for our Thornbury CC ladies! Emma Perrin was next into bowl and very much in control, until the very end when C. Warren ceased an opportunity to club a short bowl for 6, giving them a total of 12 runs for the over!

Nerves were certainly kicking in for our TCC ladies, as both batters were displaying a great performance seeking opportunities for 4’s, quick singles in between the wickets and taking advantage of hitting our no balls.They took at total of 12 runs off Camilla’ Rigby and a total off 10 runs off Liz Sanders.

Next into bowl was Hazel Pook followed by Eva Bishop who managed to regain some confidence back into the team and keeping things relatively tight. When Emily Bogg came into bowl, Hawkebury's A. White & J. Chapel did not know what was coming! A stunning performance by skipper, pitching two consecutive bowls full with spin straight into the stumps giving TCC their first two wickets.

TCC never plays a match without a 10 minutes Looney Tunes outburst! TCC Looney Tunes, starring Emily Bog and Eva Bishop for a near full on collision whilst both retrieving the ball out on the boundary, an impulsive foot block by Liz Sander stopping the ball reaching the boundary and Olivia Nichols pulling out mid run of her bowl due to indigestion!

Coming into over 12, TCC took their third wicket which was taken by Geanor Harries after the batter top edged it into Camilla’s safe hands! Finishing off the bowling, Olivia Nichols managed to perform two outstanding bowls to the stumps, giving TCC a total of 5 wickets and a chase of 116 runs to take the victory!

Given the high runs set by Hawkesbury, we knew we needed to hit big and maximise runnings in between the wickets. Opening batters, Liz Sander & Emma Perrin, took to the field and certainly didn’t mess around! Lizzy picking out the boundary with Emma and steadying the ship with an opening partnership of 33. Next in Gaenor and Camilla put in some solid running between the wickets to add another 20 runs. The penultimate pair of Hazel and Eva scored a steady 19. Thornbury Lightning finished with a flurry of 6's and 4's from Emily on her TCC debut, with Olivia supporting with some speedy runs between the wicket.

Thornbury Lightning win 136/4 to Hawkesbury Upton's 116/5.

Olivia Nichols

Tuesday 24 May - Stoke Bishop v Thornbury Lightning (League 2)

Thornbury visited Combe Dingle sports complex to play Stoke Bishop on a sunny but windy evening. We opted to bat first. First pairing was Becs and Lizzy who got us off to a flying start with some good 4's and running between the wickets, ending with 40-0. Next up was Shobha and Gaenor who kept the momentum going getting a 4 for each of them taking the total up to 62-0. Gail and Sarah Bowden were up next showing some great communication and scoring some cheeky singles taking us up to 92 with still no wickets lost. The final pairing was Emily and Hazel who managed some great boundary shots and still keeping our faultless lead making 120-0 to beat!! Stoke Bishop were up next to bat. All 8 Thornbury players bowled and fielded expertly keeping the errors to a minimum. Sarah Bowden bowled took one wicket and got two catches, Lizzy took a catch in the field, Hazel bowled one and caught one and Becs caught a short high hit. Stoke Bishop finished with a score of 67-7 Thornbury beat Stoke Bishop by a bargain of 86 runs. Thoroughly enjoyable night had by both teams. Onwards and upwards for Thornbury Lightning's next game!! Stoke Bishop 67/7 v Thornbury Lightning 120/0 (Win) Lizzy Sander

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