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Women's Cricket

Our Women's section continues to go from strength to strength. Our journey started with Mum's of our youth players becoming interested in playing a sport they have watched so frequently over the years at the Ship. This has evolved as our girls section has continued to grow and move up to play within the womens section.


We now have a wide range of women of varying ages and ability who play and/or train with the club and we’re always looking for new members. The vast majority of our players came to Thornbury with no playing experience whatsoever, showing just how quickly we look to develop your skills. The sky is really the limit for our Women's section and who knows where it'll end up, but you'll definitely want to be a part of it!

For more information, contact our Women's Cricket Chair: Tracey Kenyon - 07736 935346 -

Outdoor Season

As of 2024, we have two softball teams and one hardball team, meaning we have opportunities for cricketers of all abilities.


The club were also able to send a team to play in a national tournament at Lord's in 2021, representing the whole of Gloucestershire!


The Women train on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings.


Hardball: Nina Leadbeater

Softball 1: Tracey Kenyon

Softball 2: Nina Leadbeater

Indoor Season

In 2024, we have 1 team entered into the GCF Women's Indoor League - Bristol Division 1.

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