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Committee Meeting Minutes

6th March 2024

Attendees: Jo Littlejohn, Jon Oakey, Andy Weeks, John Wormwell, David Cox, Harry Thomas, Tracey Kenyon

Apologies: Arron Banks, Nigel Webb, Sarah Bowden


  1. Financial reports

    • Budgets have been set for the year and will be distributed after the meeting. It’s based on last years spends.

    • Each meeting Andy will update year to date vs budget and will report on it so we can see if anything looks like we’re going over budget.

    • Subs: Mo has sent out the details of the subs to the youth section with a reminder that they need to be paid pre 1st April or the charges will increase. Mo to send out to the youth that there will be a £5 match fee if they play in the adults teams.

    • John W and TK to send out details of subs to their teams. Put in the note that the match fees need to be paid by bank transfer preferably in advance. Andy to send list of anyone who has missed payments to Harry to follow up.

    • Outstanding payments:  Old Down and Cakes charges. £7,500 still outstanding.

  2. House update

    • Payment has been updated to £800 for electricity and will check if we’ll be tied in if we get a smart meter now.

    • ECB Get set weekend set for 23-24th March 2024, have been registered and have some. posters to put out and put on social media.

    • Jon to do a list of things to do .

    • Fire safety update: all snagging has been installed and paid.

    • Worktops and sink to be arranged for delivery by Jo.

    • New ceiling tiles been sourced FOC and will be replaced.

    • Tills EPOS system is now out of contract. This will be sent back and Toby is looking at alternative providers and will come to next meeting with a proposal.

  3. Bar chair update

    • Optics are now in for greater control.

    • A letter to be drafted to Melrose giving them permission to convert the club certificate to a premises licence and signed by Chair and Secretary. Contact Karen (option 2) 01454 419262.

    • Stocktake report has been completed. Will send out the variance page, if everything OK At end March then we will change to monthly.

    • Meeting with St Austell and Budweiser and there will be a £3k payment if we change over some of the product ranges. 

  4. Sponsorship Chair update

    • The club says a big thank you to St Austells, Lampiers, Hunters Selection, IO associates for paying sponsorship for the club shirts.

    • Back of the shirt sponsors have been invoiced and 5 banners have been sold to be invoiced.

    • Youth sponsors being chased so we can order the kit.

    • Sitting down with Les to restart ball sponsorship.

    • TK to look at approaching some for the women's T20 games.

  5. Safeguarding report

    • Nothing come up, just putting through some members through the DBS check.

  6. Grounds update:

    • Mower due to be paid in May: confirming with rep what needs to be paid and will confirm when we have the information.

    • Jon to discuss using the Paddock for Friday night parking with Nigel.

  7. Senior Cricket update:

    • Winter nets at Castle school starting 16th March, £4 pp to be paid by bank transfer.

    • 4 people doing/ done the umpires course- thank you to James Rid, Carl Botha, Mark Franklin and Paul Harrod who completed it last year.

    • 2 volunteers to score for the 1st team, Dave Bird has said that he can support for the 2nd team.

    • John to update his cricket group to be 2024.

  8. Women's Cricket update:

    • Kit audit been completed need to place an order for some new kit.

    • Andy coaching on a weekly basis.

    • Some new members come across.

    • All in hand to start training in April.

    • Women's to be shown how to put up and take down the nets on the crease.

  9. Youths cricket update:

    • The lead for the All Stars to be put down on the website as Mo Newton.

    • Entered BYCL, GYCL and hundred, adding dates to the spreadsheet on Monday.

    • 2 people asked for a level 3 coaching course, will the club contribute towards this. Check with Steve Silk if they need to be on the pathway etc.

    • Mo to arrange payment of the Winter nets ASAP.

    • Mo will be contacted as soon as Castle Winter slots become available so that we can make sure that we have it booked for next year. Tockington are planning on building indoor nets so will keep this in mind as an opportunity.

    • Festival will be arranged for the youth, possibly to be held at Oldbury.

    • Need to organise the coaching, Harry will help organise the sessions with the coaches so it’s not too repetitive. Pre season meeting to be held to discuss.

  10. Constitution points: 

    • Include the role of trustees in the constitution- it has been raised that trustees should not be members of the committee as the role is to make sure that the committee abide by the constitution. This was discussed and when the trustees were initially set up they were on the committee so it wasn’t felt that it was a requirement.  James Slade is also not on the committee so it was felt that this was adequate. The constitution does, however, need to be updated to clarify their role and we will ensure that they enforce the constitution.

    • Neil Pritchard been voted in as Vice Chair.

  11. Clubmark accreditation

    • Matt Slade has contacted Andy to start auditing the accounts.

    • Jo to update the information to get accreditation.

  12. TMS change in ownership to Clifton College

    • TMS have been put in touch with the ECB to agree the wording of the updated contract.

  13. AOB

    • The lease runs out next week, Jon has been chasing the agent and has been verbally told that it will just be carried over.

    • Extension been in planning for 2-3 weeks, ongoing.

    • Tree by the score box needs to be surveyed in order to do the extension.

    • South Glos has paid the costs of planning, monies have been received and paid.

    • TCC BBQ gone for deep cleaning.

    • Adult playing tops have been ordered.

    • Youths and women's will be ordered as soon as sponsors confirmed.


Next meeting Monday 8th April at 6pm

5th February 2024


Attendees: Andy Weeks, Jo Littlejohn, Maureen Newton, Toby Summerfield, Jon Oakey, Jon Wormwell, Nigel Webb, Sarah Bowden


Apologies: Tracey Kenyon, Arron Banks, David Cox




  1. Budget setting for the new season

    • Andy/ Neil will catch up with everyone before the next meeting and will prepare a budget to distribute then

    • Old Down payment for the stock that went back still not received, to be chased by Arrron

    • Cakes repayment £2,000 still outstanding, to be chased by Arron

    • Gift Aid had to be reapplied for so should now go through by the next meeting

    • Review of the electricity payments, Toby to contact Scottish Power to put in a Smart meter before we move to a new provider. Possibly Octopus but check that they are appropriate for a commercial premises

    • It looks like the fan in the cellar is faulty and has been on constantly, this is now off but needs to be resolved before the Summer

    • Toby to change the monthly electricity payment to £850 which will save £1,000 per month

  2. ECB Get set weekend set for 23-24th March 2024

    • Jon to do a list of things to do 

    • Toby to register with the ECB and print off posters

  3. Bar chair actions

    • Jack continuing to do the maintenance

    • Carl continuing to do the ordering

    • Dave wants to set up optics for greater control

    • Toby and Dave have arranged for the auditors to come in to do a stocktake before we start the season. £100 deposit and approx. £120 quarter to do a quarterly stocktake

    • Dave will start managing the ullage more closely

    • All snacks to be delivered to the club and will only have 2 suppliers

    • 6 nations 1st weekend started with volunteers, running the same for this weekend

  4. Sponsorship Chair actions

    • 1st Team kit sponsor- needs to be finalised as 8-10 week order

    • 4 new boards to go up for sponsors- cost from £300 for 3m x 1m 

    • Toby to invoice Hunter Selection £1,200 

    • T20 kit sponsors to be approached for new kit- Old Down (front), Belmont House(off back and onto sleeve), Tockington, IO and Hunter. Target to get £5k in for a 3 year deal

    • Toby to speak to St Austell about sponsorship

    • Approach Les for ball sponsors

    • Mo to send out to the youth that we’re looking for sponsors to see if we can any response

  5. Fire safety requirements

    • Toby has contacted Firemark and agreed the signage and extinguishers £275 and waiting for date

  6. Safeguarding reports

    • No concerns to report, working with Mo to check that all new coaches have all the relevant checks completed

  7. Booking system

    • Suggestion that we could look at a meter system for the nets

    • Toby to try and assess what we’re spending on the lighting

  8. Training nights discussed as the below but need to be finalised in the next meeting once positions are voted in and confirmed:

    • Monday: Western Storm, Jon to confirm what they want

    • Tuesday: Men's optional and selection and Ladies 6.30-8pm. Jon will agree with coach how to manage

    • Wednesday: matches

    • Thursday: all Men's training

    • Friday: all youth players

  9. Constitution points raised in advance of the AGM to be discussed at the next meeting:

    • Agreeing a new President and Vice Chairman

    • Include the role of trustees in the constitution- Jon Oakey, John Wormwell and James Slade. Role is to make sure that the committee abide by the constitution

    • Add Neil Pritchard to the WhatApp group and see if he would consider being vice chair

    • President role outstanding- Chris Stutter put forward as a suggestion to be discussed at the next meeting with any other suggestions

  10. Leagues entered

    • Women's: 2 softball leagues, T20 league plus cup competitions

    • U9 festival and 

    • U11 performance and super 8

    • U13 3 x league teams

    • U15 1 x league team

    • U17 & U19 TBC

    • Seniors- 1st- 4th on a Saturday plus 1-2 mid week teams to be confirmed

  11. AOB

    • Tidy up been completed in the clubhouse

    • Worktop in the kitchen- need 4 lengths worktop with an undermount sink to go in a 1000 base and 4 x 3m x 600 lengths of grey 38mm depth

    • We need an 1100 electric range cooker

    • Need to get the BBQ fixed, Toby going to review

    • Card machines and till system is under review- we have been paying for 5 and they’re linked to the rental of the EPOS system. Toby is currently in dispute with Take payments over the contract

    • Coffee machine lease finished in April and we need to sell it back then

    • No water on the square at the moment so the pipe needs to be dug up and repaired

    • Solar panels- have 3 quotes which will be ready when the grant process opens

    • Balls will be ordered this weekend by Simon and Andy Weeks

    • Planning application has gone in formally, payment has been received  this month so architect fees can be paid

    • Mo to ask Les if he will make us a box for the youth bowling machine

    • Andy to check if Simon has managed to get someone to help manage the play cricket site

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