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To create a youth centre of excellence that allows players, coaches and parents to enjoy, participate and grow in their abilities and understanding of cricket and
comradeship on and off the field, through continual improvement and development.

We aim to advance the game of cricket in the Thornbury area through sportspersonship, leadership, discipline, and hard work.

Our goal is to provide the opportunity, environment and facilities children of both sexes all ages and abilities who are committed to play cricket, in a safe and fun
environment. Notwithstanding is the need for all members to be proud, show mutual respect and positivity in all things associated with the Club and its future direction.

Aim 1

Continue to Harness and develop all young cricketers girls and boys so they have the opportunity to contribute to the game of cricket at all levels and play a central role in club cricket life.

Aim 2

To ensure all young players have access to quality facilities, coaching and playing opportunities. We continue to raise the standard of facilities, coaching and
development across the youth section and actively participate in local competitions to provide the highest quality playing opportunities.

Aim 3

We will both continue to increase & develop our coaching staff through external courses and our continuous internal support from our head coach to enable us to develop players for a natural progression through to senior teams.

Aim 4

Provide a safe environment, faster player development, team coaches and managers enjoyment; we aim to set Coach/Manager to player ratios of a maximum of 8 to 1.

Aim 5

To encourage all parents to become involved in all aspects of developing the Thornbury Youth Centre of Excellence.

Aim 6

To have fun.

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