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We are the gateway of a new season and we look forward to welcoming you all back and also seeing new joiners and a new crop of juniors and their families.

Last year the clubhouse had a successful year and we look forward to taking this forward over the coming season. Following the end of Covid and our full reopening, we are forever looking out for new helpers to help with all manner of things behind the scenes. If you are able to help, any assistance is welcome.

After what seemed a very long season last year it came to a close with the 150th Celebration dinner, and we as a group need to celebrate the massive help offered out in the marquee, bar and kitchen by volunteers. Special thanks need expressing to the women’s team who have always fulfilled more than their fair share of bar shifts, and all those who have volunteered from the community to put themselves onto the rota over the winter. I do not want to mention any volunteer by name for fear of forgetting someone (as is likely), but thanks are definitely due for creating such a warm environment for both our cricketing members and visitors and the community at large. We also need to thank staff who have worked tirelessly in a season which saw very trying circumstances with chiller breakdowns and temperatures which were often too hot (it’s not often we get to say that).

I will mention a few people though who are not directly involved in cricket, and these are the crew of Alveston Community Events (ACE) who have brought a number of events (Valentines bingo, Jubilee, Halloween to name a few) to the club last year. They include Hayley Grove, Vicky Moore, Ian Webb, Ricky Grove, Ian Phipps, Maisie Phipps and Katie Phipps with help from others along the way. We as a club are very grateful for their assistance in many ways, not least of all carrying the buckets when the marquee required bailing out on New Years Eve.

Looking forwards to this year there are exciting new signings to watch, first class events and hopefully good weather… However before the good weather is on the horizon and whilst we are all still addicted to artificial light, there are a few items of note for the diary before we get to the start of the season. Let’s start it with the Six Nations (other countries than England may be involved).

Credit: @EnglandRugby

Yes we all know England have not been at their best over recent years, so maybe this year come to the club and watch it with friends and we can all lambast them together over a pint of Tribute afterwards (or celebrate the unlikely event of an England Grand Slam).

The Champions League will shortly reach the knockout stages, and Premier League football is still available at the club. In the spring we will be having an extra bank holiday again to celebrate the Coronation of our King (never thought I’d say that) and there will be various things going on at your club to mark the occasion.

The Coffee shop will be opening again once the last stages of the bar refit have been completed, and, so long as I have managed to secure funding, the floor in the bar area has been replaced. I am very excited to what will happen to the appearance of the outside of the club before the season starts AND looking forward to some new grass to replace the mud patch left by the removal of the winter marquee.

The beer festival will be back bigger and better this year and I am looking for 20 barrel sponsors who will each pay £100 to sponsor a barrel, in return you will receive 30 free real ale pint tokens for the festival (£3.33 per pint) you may call me on 07894 982710 to pledge your barrel.

We will also be looking at introducing new sponsorship opportunities in this coming year and I will release the details in the next newsletter.

In any business these days information is key to operating in the most efficient manner and I would welcome any of you to e-mail me directly so that I have your permission to fill your inbox with the events and things happening in the club on a rolling basis. Last year was a little disappointing when people missed events and said afterwards I would have come if I’d known…

That’s it from me right now, and if you do e-mail me I will send you updates of the bar/clubhouse improvements and forthcoming dates for your diaries and flog you some raffle tickets.

Alex Gwinnell

Bar Chair

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