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TCC girls make county squads!

TCC girls in for busy winter!

TCC are delighted to announce 4 of our girls players have been selected for the upcoming winter county squads.

Evie Tadman - U11s Performance

A truly remarkable story. Evie started cricket at TCC on the dynamos programme back in May. Demonstrating natural talent with her tall frame, U13s girls coach 'Del Boy' Davis invited Evie to train with U11s/U13s squad on Friday nights.

She quickly developed her skills to become an automatic pick in the girls squads. With some impressive displays with both bat & ball she also played in the U13s boys team, showing no fear against older & more experienced boys. After additional training and support from her parents, she attended the county trials and impressed enough to be picked in the U11s performance squad.

Evie was the deserving recipient on the Most improved U11s player of the year award at TCC.

Mia Joicey - U11s Performance

Mia started cricket in 2020 in the girls section. Another who showed natural talent from an early age, Mia is a competent right hand bat and accurate right arm bowler, who has improved her consistency this season. She also played in the U13s boys team and performed well with both bat & ball.

Mia worked tirelessly with additional sessions (often with Evie) and was a clear selection for the county, with excellent feedback from Laura at the GCB.

Her attitude and work ethic shone throughout, highlighted by her teammates nominating her as players player of the year.

Elsie Lewis - U13s Development

Elsie originates from TCC's association with Tockington Manor School. She has worked hard over recent seasons and has represented the school in mixed teams along with the U11s Reds boys at TCC, picking up some important wickets during the season. A regular at training sessions, Elsie has deservedly retained her spot in the County development squad, moving up to the U13's.

Prarthana Reddy - U15s Performance Squad

Prarthana continues to be an outstanding female cricketer for TCC. Originating from Bristol Phoenix, she has regularly featured in the Boys U13s & U15s teams, as well being an automatic pick for the Men's 4th XI on Saturday.

She scored a total of 403 (avg 31) runs in all comps for Thornbury in 2021 with a personal best of 69 no v Cirencester U13s boys. An excellent all-rounder, she also took 14 wickets (avg 14) as well as being a very capable wicketkeeper.

Always playing with a smile on her face, Prarthana is highly regarded at the GCB and has been invited on to the Gloucestershire EPP programme.

Well done to all our girls, TCC are very proud!

Richard 'Harry' Hawkins TCC Women's coach

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