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TCC are searching for new scorers!

Our plea

Looking ahead to the 2023 summer season, TCC are searching for new scorers to support across the whole club. Scoring is an integral part of a cricket match-day, to make sure that the score is up-to-date, accurate and ensures that individual performances are available for all to see. Without scorers, matches either can’t take place or players/coaches/parents have to step in, which takes away from what they hope to be doing on a game day.

Our ambition

It is our ambition to have a designated scorer at every match that a Thornbury Cricket Club side competes in.

In Saturday League cricket, we are required to provide a scorer at 1st XI and 2nd XI matches, or else one of the players has to score and therefore leave the team with just 10 players. In recent years, we have been fortunate to have consistent scorers for both teams which is a big help for the captains and cricket chairman.


As mentioned, we want to have a scorer at every Thornbury CC match, however there are some more immediate vacancies that need to be filled.

Due to our 1st XI scorer leaving his role, we are searching for a new 2nd XI scorer who can commit to scoring throughout the season. The season starts in April for pre-season and runs through to the end of the season in late August/early September. The 2nd XI play across Gloucestershire, including half of the matches at the Ship Field, with matches starting on a Saturday at 1pm and lasting around 6 hours.

We recognise that this is a big commitment, but it’s an excellent opportunity to contribute to our club, watch a good standard of cricket and you will be paid for this role on a match-by-match basis. Ideally, we are looking for someone who can commit to at least 14 of the 18 league matches, however if there is enough interest in the position, we can look into a rota to accommodate the needs of the scorers.

Our 3rd and 4th teams on a Saturday are also looking for scorers, to allow the players to focus on delivering excellent performances on the pitch. Whenever we have had scorers in these matches, players have noted what a difference it has made to the match day experience. This usually comes when a parent of a player kindly volunteers, but we are hoping to have regular scorers just like the 1st & 2nd XI.

Our Women’s team are currently reliant upon players helping with scoring, in particular Gail Curtis who does an excellent job. But if anyone would like to support the Women’s teams with scoring, then that would be a significant help to the club. Their matches take place on weekday evenings and occasionally on Sundays.

Our youth teams are usually supported with scoring by parents of players, and this is something we are hoping to see an increase of. If you would like to become a regular scorer for an age-group team, then please let us know. This will allow the coaches to focus on supporting the development of our boys and girls, in addition to umpiring commitments.

Reasons to get involved

It’s a very rewarding role and at Thornbury Cricket Club, scorers are treated very well across youth, men’s and women’s matches. For Adult 1st XI and 2nd XI matches on Saturdays, scorers are paid a competitive rate, which has been increased this year in line with the rising cost of petrol and general living costs. During home matches across all sections of the club, all drinks are paid for by Thornbury Cricket Club. At grounds where cricket teas are provided on a Saturday for all teams, scorers are welcomed to have teas free of charge.


Whilst scorebooks are fantastic to scroll through to see results from years gone by, most scoring is now done electronically on the PCS Pro App/desktop software. As a club, we are fantastic in doing this across all sections. By doing this, live updates of our matches can be viewed across the whole world and it automatically uploads the match result, which saves coaches/captains lots of time. Scoring on the app is far easier than using a scorebook and allows you to watch far more of the match, it's certainly been a welcomed addition to the recreational game.


We will support anyone who wants to gain a scoring qualification during the winter and in addition to this, we will offer training at TCC to upskill anyone wishing to score more throughout the season.

Get in touch!

If you are interested then please contact the relevant chairperson:

Men’s: Simon Weeks – 07530 761648

Women’s: Tracey Kenyon – 07736 935346

Youth: Mike Mosses – 07474 239840

Thornbury Cricket Club

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