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Thornbury Cricket Club becomes one of the first clubs to adopt hybrid pitches

Thornbury Cricket Club have teamed up with Dutch firm SIS Grass and have had 5 Hybrid pitches installed on their square.

Three of the pitches will predominately be used for practice, whilst the 2 other pitches will be used by the Youth teams.

Each pitch will be made up of 95% natural grass with the remaining 5% being a synthetic thread that is stitched into the surface - this will mean each pitch is more resilient to wear.

Thornbury will be one of the first, if not the first, club in the area to invest in this Hybrid technology to further enhance their practice facilities. Club members, GCCC and Western Storm players alike will all benefit from this latest investment.

The investment was greatly assisted by FSC Sports Consultancy and Enovert who the club approached for Grant Funding

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